Blair Hornstine and her brother, Adam, started MAGIC with the goal of helping the residents of the nearby city of Camden, New Jersey. Camden was ranked the nationís most dangerous city in 2004 and 2005, and has long been home to widespread violence, destitution, and crime. Blair and Adam Hornstine wanted to help bring a little light into the lives of the people of Camden, so they set out to do all they could to help. After first selecting a few neighborhoods to help, Blair and Adam Hornstine began recruiting volunteers and raising money to fund their projects. They next pooled together their manpower and funds, and set to work, beautifying a Camdenís Cooper Landing and Liberty Park neighborhoods. Adam and Blair Hornstine worked with a local landscaping company, purchasing hundreds of potted plants- enough to adorn the front porch of every home along several Camden streets.

Blair Hornstine, her brother, and MAGIC also wanted to help individual residents in need of assistance. They selected several elderly, disabled residents with homes in dire need of repair, and provided materials and repairs to the seniorsí homes. They even rebuilt the entire front porch of an elderly manís home, complete with paint, sanded railings and outdoor carpet. MAGIC also helped repair the home of a single mother with four young children. One of Blair Hornstineís proudest achievements as the founder of MAGIC was the securing of a heater for an elderly womanís home. This heater did not just provide much needed warmth for the bitterly cold New Jersey winters, it meant that the woman could remain in her home and remain independent, something which she could not have done without the help of MAGIC. While Blair Hornstine was involved in the project, over 350 homes stretching 30 city blocks received plants and goodwill from MAGIC!

Continuing their mission to beautify the streets of Camden, Blair and Adam Hornstine next took on a very large project- the repainting of a local church, Saint Andrews Episcopal Church, also in Camden. Blair and Adam Hornstine, along with their volunteers, painted St. Andrewsí interior and exterior, repaired the churchís brick stairs, installed brand new fixtures in the church bathrooms, and built an office onto the existing structure.

Another successful project by Blair Hornstine and MAGIC was the cleanup of several abandoned lots in downtown Camden. Blair Hornstine worked with community leaders in Camden, turning these lots, formerly littering grounds, riddled with broken bottles and dirty needles, into a beautiful playgrounds and parks. Blair and MAGIC planted sod, trees, shrubs and flowers. They installed benches, swings, monkey bars and slides. They turned what were once dangerous and dirty magnets for crime into a safe harbor for children and families to congregate and escape the dire situations in the streets and in their homes. The project was so successful that Blair Hornstine and MAGIC ended up renovating a total of three lots over the course of MAGICís nearly decade-long run.