Blair Hornstine: It’s MAGIC

Blair Hornstine hails from Moorestown, New Jersey, a small city about 15 minutes away from Philadelphia, PA. The idyllic town of Moorestown was named Money Magazine’s #1 place to live in America in 2005, because of its excellent schools, beautiful scenery, and vibrant sense of community. It is this very sense of community that has made charitable organizations such as Blair Hornstine’s Moorestown Alliance for Goodwill and Interest in the Community (or MAGIC) to thrive.

Born to a litigator and homemaker, Blair Hornstine was not your average child. From an early age, Blair eschewed many activities typical of little girls, favoring instead to join her father, sitting in the courtroom and absorbing all the action. It was these father-daughter sojourns so early in life that taught Blair Hornstine about the workings of the United States legal system, and the need for a system of fair trial and equal justice. Blair saw how her father’s work was able to help others, and she became motivated to help, too.

Obviously, little girls cannot try their own court cases, so Blair Hornstine had to get creative and figure out another way she could help out those less fortunate in her community. What followed was nothing short of miraculous. In fact, it was truly “magical”!

In 1994, when Blair Hornstine was nine years old and still very much a little girl, her and her older brother, Adam (then 14), had an idea. They knew they wanted to help those around them, but they also knew in order to do so, they needed to organize. So they teamed up and created a community service based charity organization called the Moorestown Alliance for Goodwill and Interest in the Community (aka MAGIC). The purpose of MAGIC was to allow the Hornstine children to attract a following of volunteers to work together and help out some of the less fortunate members of their community.

Blair Hornstine made a significant commitment in becoming founder and president of MAGIC.  Blair made and followed the goals of the organization which helped many unfortunate people who were downtrodden.  They included the sick, elderly, disabled, and young.  Blair’s attachment to the people of Camden, NJ and the orphans in China are most noteworthy

Blair Hornstine has taken the lesions of her parents to help others and has transformed an organization to help hundreds who otherwise were considered forgotten.  Blair has been an inspiration to others through her community work.  Blair is truly a humanitarian and a highly respected leader for her goodwill and interest in others. 

Extraordinary, caring, and responsible are three words that describe Blair Hornstine.  Blair believes that everyone has an obligation to help those that are unfortunate.  Blair has brought happiness to those that only saw despair.  Blair has motivated hundreds of adults and students to share in the responsibility to assist those that need assistance the most.  Blair has narrowed the gap in diversity as a result of her humanitarian efforts. 

Blair Hornstine has created community events that have served as masterpieces for others to follow.  To see volunteers work hand in hand with those unfortunate to attain a goal ia a sight to behold.  The dividends established as a result of Blair’s work is the fact that she has made the neighbors feel good about their own community and to take a stake in making it better.  It was wonderful to see the pride that people felt as a result of Blair Hornstine’s community work..

Blair Hornstine felt strongly that she should take a serious role in bridging the gap in diversity.  Blair felt a binding attachment to the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., when he said, “We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters, or we will perish as fools”.  Blair Hornstine literally challenged her schoolmates and neighbors to work along side her  and educated all in this definite need and challenge.

Blair Hornstine plans to use her law degree along side her desire to help the disadvantaged.  Blair has always been an effective orator and will employ her legal skills to help those unable to stand up for themselves.  Blair will become the voice for the voiceless.  During high school, Blair Hornstine won many awards as best speaker in many moot court competitions.  Blair will become the best speaker that the voiceless could every wish for.

Blair Hornstine has used some extraordinary internships at leading law schools in the Nation to tone her skills and become familiar with topics that will bode well for her as she embarks on her legal career in helping and defending those unfortunate.  Blair will combine her law school studies with her goal of becoming a leader in poverty law. 

Blair Hornstine and her community club, Moorestown Alliance for Goodwill and Interest in the Community, has taken a leadership position in South Jersey in meeting the challenge of volunteerism and the need to narrow the gap in diversity in and around Camden.  Blair was inspired by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King when he said, “We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters, or we will perish as fools”.  As founder and president of M.A.G.I.C., she lead the fight for equal rights and the need to reduce poverty.  Blair Hornstine provided support for the poor, elderly, and other unfortunate people.